Bible Reading Pack – 3 Printables + Digital Art

These tools are meant to help guide your time in the Word by providing thoughtful prompts and questions intended for use with any passage of Scripture. You’ll have a place to jot down what God is teaching you through your personal study of His word.

The Bible Reading Pack comes complete with prompts and questions to help make the most of the time you invest in the study of Scripture. For more tips on using this resource, head over to my Instagram page and check out our story highlights.


Pages may be duplicated for personal use, but are not intended for resell.


Prayer Pack – 3 Printables + Digital Art

Throughout my Christian life, I’ve struggled with having consistency in prayer. It seems my prayers are always jumbled thoughts (amidst grocery lists and google searches that inevitably plague my brain as I am attempting to pray), and those prayer requests I’ve promised to pray for are too soon forgotten. I created the pages in the Prayer Pack to help better organize my prayer life so that my time spent in prayer is less distracted (and forgetful!) and more focused.

In the Prayer Pack you’ll find pages for specific requests, an area to jot Scriptures to pray over your dearest people, a portion for long-term requests, and a page devoted to helping you pray for a portion of your greater community throughout the week.

For more information on how I like to organize my own Prayer Pack, head over to my highlight section on Instagram!

Praying The Word

Specific Requests

Remembering to Pray For