Meet the Artist

I’m not quite sure how to best introduce myself in this type of setting. I don’t think there are rules for this type of thing. Let’s just make this simple. So. In Julie Andrews fashion, I will give you a list of my favorite things….I won’t sing… That might just share you away.

Day trips with my husband.

Watching my baby grow.

Hand Lettering + Other Crafts

Working with international students.

Earl Grey Vanilla Lattes (this may be an obsession).

Candles (especially cream ones).

Reading (ranging from Jen Wilkin to Louisa May Alcott).

Joseph Beth Bookstore (Best. Bookstore. Ever).

International Culture.

Teaching ESL.

Polka-dots (at one point I had a teal polka dot chair).

Rambling now…. That’s enough. Feel free to send me a message (use that nifty button on the menu to send a message right to my inbox). I’d love to get to know you and hear how God is moving in your life.