Hope*Filled Mondays No. 2 – Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Happy Monday! This week is the second week of our new series, Hope*Filled Mondays! Each week I’m giving away one new design, downloadable in a lockscreen format and in a 5×7 print. The 5×7 print will be available for free for one week, and after that the design will be offered as a downloadable print in our shop! Lockscreens will continue to be freebies, and will also be available on our IG page!

Each week I’m choosing a quote or verse that has been an encouragement to my heart. This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen the words of the sweet children’s song, Jesus Loves Me. I am so guilty of singing these precious words to my daughter, failing to realize the powerful words I’m singing! Jesus, the King and Lord of All, loves ME! His love for me is based on His choosing, not based on my merit or worth. Praise Him! This week, as we collectively celebrate love, let’s not forget the most life changing love of all – the love of God for us!

Have a wonderful week! As always, I’d love if you shared your lockscreens and prints on social media! Be sure to tag us so others can enjoy these freebies as well!

Much love,

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