A Woman Who Serves

“She looks well to the ways of her household…” Proverbs 31:27 ESV

Lately I’ve been struggling in making decisions for my household. I’m extremely new to motherhood and the stay-at-home-mama lifestyle and budget. So balancing our new family’s needs with our new budget constraints has left me confused and at times in despair, especially in regards to then needs of my daughter.

I confessed this struggle to a friend at church recently. How do I give my daughter all the developmentally appropriate toys and gadgets? How do I pay for them all? And where will they all fit in our small-ish space? Maybe we need a bigger house?? In my mind, our needs were quickly outgrowing our budget, and I felt the weight of guilt for not giving my daughter all the developmental toys she could possible imagine. Would our budget and space constraints stunt her development? My heart overflowed in anxiety and confusion to my sweet, understanding friend.

She did not have the perfect solution for how to balance it all, but she left me with words I will never forget:

“I am constantly on my knees before the Lord asking him to show me the true needs of my children and how to best meet them.”

She left me with a far better answer than if she had merely given her top five children’s gadgets. It left me with wisdom that has the potential (if I am faithful to apply it), to transform my mothering.

I say all this to encourage you, dear friend, that as you seek to look after the ways of your household as a faithful woman of God, first and foremost you must seek the Lord, asking Him to grant wisdom for your mind and strength for your hands. Then, and only then, will you serve your household well.

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