You Are For Me.

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

Note: This was written many months ago, and remained unpublished.  God is still working on my heart in this area, so I thought I’d share!

So I’ve been praying to understand God’s love for me better since February of this year.  Cause I got to the point that all the trying and striving and mustering up my own strength and courage and goodness simply wouldn’t work anymore.  I needed God to change my heart.

It’s amazing how a heart, redeemed and changed by His grace, can so quickly fall back into the slavery of fear and guilt and sin and shame.  Of running and striving and hoping in all the wrong things.

Honestly, He’s spoken His love to my heart this year in countless ways I would have never guessed.  I have literally felt chased by His love.  Around every corner, and every turn… His amazing love pursuing me.

“Seek and you will find…” Oh, how faithful He is to answer the weak cries of His child.

And so.  Sunday morning. An ordinary drive. Blue skies. Radio on.  And that radio sang words of His love that melted my heart and my eyes and took my breath… It may not have been the best moment for driving.

“You’re love, wave after wave,

Crashes over me,

Crashes over me,

For you are for us, 

You are not against us. 

Champion of Heaven, You made a way

For all to enter in.”

Those words.  Those words that He is for me.  How I was surprised, I am still not quite sure.  I had sung “Jesus Loves Me”, as a child.  I had memorized the verses in Awana.  I had believed the Gospel and heard the sermons and read the books….

But somehow, I was convinced in my heart that the opposite was quite true in daily life.

That somehow, Christ could be for me in matters of salvation.  Yes, He saved my soul from death and Hell.  By His death. And by His resurrection. But I had, unknowingly, believed the lie that perhaps He was not “for me” in the affairs of day-to-day life.

I had believed, in my heart, that this God who was for me eternally, was could somehow be  against me or indifferent to me in the momentary things of this life.

So those beautiful words, that Sunday, melted my foolish heart.  He is for me, not against me.  

He is for me – even in the moments I am not for Him.

He is for me – even in the moments my heart turn toward sin.

He is for me – even in the moments when I faced the pain of relationships lost.

He is for me – even in the moments my job situation is not quite what I would hope.

He is for me – even when others may seem against me.

He is for me – when my thoughts are anxious and my mind is confused.

My beautiful God of Love, He is working for my good in the moment by moment basis.  Because He is for me.  The cross is the proof of this even on the days my weary heart cannot believe the wonder of it all.  He is for me, because the blood of Christ has paid my debt, and He sees me with the same righteousness as that of His Son.  He has set His love on me, and is forever for me.  

Below is a link to the song “You Make Me Brave”, by Bethel Music, that I referenced above. 

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